Restoring a 64 bug.

The not so easy way.

This is a website solely dedicated to my little German car, a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle and its restoration. Through sourcing parts for restoring beetles, building the bug from scratch, from bare floor pan to rebuilding hubs, spindles, putting on Porsche Fuchs, painting the car, retrimming the seats, hopefully there is something here that you'll find useful about restoring an old Type 1 Volkswagen. My car doesn't have a name. And I want it to stay that way. Well, now and again it has a swear word for a name, but it soon passes.


My name? It's Alan Stobie.

Good. That's me out of the way. Anyway, as I said before, the car in question is a 1964 UK registered Volkswagen Beetle. It's a right hand drive. I have no idea how many miles it has done. I have never driven it.

In fact, the only miles the little bug has done have been on the back of various flatbed trucks.

You're right. I'm probably a bit mental. But here's the score. This is my dream. When I was a kid, I used to draw pictures of VW Beetles instead of listening to classes. One day, I thought, I'll have a Beetle. It'll be cool. And sure enough, half of it came true. I do have a Beetle. And no, right now it's not that cool. But it will be.

My bug was blue when I got it but I took it off to a bead blasters, got the bejeezus blasted out of it (once I'd stripped it completely clean of absolutely everything - bonnet, doors, wiring, err, everything, like I said....and then got it painted VW Harvest Moon Beige (you know, like the new VW Beetle Cabriolets) by a local garage called RS Motors in Annandale Street, Edinburgh.
Do NOT go there. They did such a poor job of it, I've had to have the entire shell stripped right back to metal again - and the poor little car has sat, looking like a drowned insect with its eyes pecked out, in the darkness of an old garage belonging to my aunt.


Beetle restoration is a tricky thing to do, I'm really starting to find. But today, 10 August 06, a very nice man from a body shop has been to see it. My enthusiasm, unlike the car, has been restored like a pheonix rising from the ashes. So much so, I started a website. I called it Bug Me. It's about...well, you know what it's about. You're here.