Restoring and building Beetle engines.

My bug came without an engine. Well, there is an engine for the car, the original 1200 unit, but it's totally siezed, and I've left it with Malcs for the moment. In 2006, I bought a Type 4 2 litre engine on Ebay. It needed totally stripped and rebuilt. It also needed an upright fan conversion so that it would fit in the bug. So it's still in my folks' garage. That engine was the original plan for the project. Survey said.... Uh, uh.


The second plan was to get some very talented people - one by the name of Laurie Pettit and one called Jay - at Bugshop in Newcastle) to build a Type 1 1966cc monster for it. They're pretty good at doing this sort of stuff. They've built pretty much everything when it comes to hot VWs.

The first picture here is the Type 4. Malcs and I took the heads off, 3 of the barrels off but stopped there. We couldn't get the last barrel off - it was totally solid - but it could still be rebuilt.

Type 4 engine.
Piston rods.
Racing cam.
Cam in engine case.
Cam and crank in.
Engine case together.
On go more special bits.
The deck height is set.
Big air intake visible.
checking it fitted first!
No carbs on etc until proper install
Scat covers. If you're into that...
Err, another scat pic.
Sitting very snugly.
Ali tubes in view.
Sitting nicely.

By Feb 2010, everything is well underway. Jay at Bugshop in Newcastle is now building the engine. When it comes to air-cooled engines, he is without doubt, the man.

Speedshop was paid a silly amount of money. And lots of serious engine parts were purchased. Now Jay has set about building a rocket.


2017cc of sheer lunacy.


I can't wait.