So what have I been doing? And why?

11 October 2006

Picked up latest ebay purchases

A lucky find on ebay has led to a lot of parts coming my way. There was a chap in County Durham breaking a 65 type 1 so I bought a lot of the bits he was clearing out - a lot of 'em brand new. Caster Shims, wiper buttons, wiper arms, brake shoes, clutch cable, pedals!!, wheel bearings, fuel guage, speedo etc etc etc.


12 October 2006

Dismantled the speedometer.

Since I have now found myself with an extra Beetle speedo, I felt it was safe to dismantle one of them to try and reset the mileage and clean up the face, bezel and inner black ring etc. Not too difficult either. Prise the chrome bezel off gently with a scredriver arounf the edge. It will eventually lift off, along with the glass, rubber seal and inner black ring. Then lift the needle gently over the resting pin. Make a good note exactly where the needle rests before removing it (a permanent thin marker at the edge of the outer case worked for me). YOU MUST DO THIS OR YOUR SPEEDO WILL BE OUT WHEN YOU REINSTALL IT! Then undo the screws at the back of the speedo and the inner workings will pull out of the outer case. Remove the black plastic post with gears top and bottom, then spin the little gear clockwise/anticlockwise as quickly as you like to move the mile readout (cobbling together some type of set up with a drill might save a few days of your time!).

I then felt confident enough to tackle the nicer one of the two. It now looks fantastic (I resprayed the inner black ring satin black with enamel paint, cleaned up the face, glass, chrome etc) and it has 00000 miles on the clock. One very happy chap.

VW beetle speedo zero
VW beetle speedo zero
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14 October 2006


An order from brand new 4.5 x 15 Flat 4 Fuch alloys for the front (and the spare) to accompany my original Fuch 5.5s at the back. Add to that the various boxes of bits and bobs from CIP1 - disc conversion kit, 2 new OE quality towel rail bumpers - the front of which is dented 3 times - and you've got a pain in the backside. And front side. Of the car. Believe me.



17 October 2006


Order now placed with Machine 7 Automotive (again).My 3 new Flat 4 Fuch alloys for the front (and the spare) have arrived. Nice and shiny too. Now placed an order with the awfully nice chaps at Machine 7, Michael and Matt. New dual circuit master cylinder and braided brake hoses and lots of other nuts and bolts for disc conversion kit. These guys are awesome. Deal with them. They rock! Their phone number is 02476 356 465. Website is


Saturday 28 October 2006

Body off. Then off to get painted. Again.She's off. And going to get hopefully sorted out, straightened and painted with a beautiful new coat (or 6) of shiny new paint. The new colour is to be L572 Panama Beige. Sam at PFP Coachworks - he comes highly recommended. Let's hope it's not going to have to be painted again a 3rd time. Pics:


Off it goes.

With the body now off, I painted the floorpan etc in POR 15. Nasty stuff, but hopefully keep the rust away for years to come. And on went a brand new steering box and dual circuit master cylinder too.

June 2016

With a move of house comes a nice garage in the shape of a former stables.

So off to the bug's current home equipped with a gargantuan trailer.